Terms and Conditions of Reservation

The expression “the venue” will mean Life Meetings and Events and Life Science Centre and the expression “the client” will mean the person, society or company that is booking the event.

1. Confirmation 

a) Bookings will be treated as provisional until written confirmation is sent by the client to the venue. This should be within 14 days of the provisional booking. The venue will then respond, usually within 14 days, with an event confirmation contract. Life terms and conditions will apply from the date of the contract being signed by, or on behalf of, the client. 

b) The number of guests detailed in the confirmation shall be treated as the contractual numbers to be charged and catered for. Any reduction of these numbers by 20% or more will incur cancellation charges as detailed in clause 3. 

c) Anticipated numbers must be given no later than 10 working days prior, with final numbers no less than 3 working days prior to the event. This number, or alternatively, the actual number attending whichever is the greater will then be used in the calculation of the invoice. Note: if the client’s booking is accepted on the basis that a minimum number will attend, the amount payable shall be calculated on such minimum number or those actually attending, whichever is greater. 

d) All functions are required to commence and conclude as agreed in the event confirmation contract. Extended use of the facilities may not be possible and may incur additional charges. 

2. Payment 

a) The client is responsible for full settlement of all accounts, in connection with their confirmed booking. Unless credit facilities have been agreed pre -payment of room hire and contracted numbers for catering require payment and funds cleared 3 working days prior to the event commencing. All other costs, including additional catering, will be invoiced within 7 days of the event and payment required in line with clause 2c)

b) Credit facilities for invoicing after the event must be agreed at the time of the event confirmation and be stated on the event confirmation contract. All accounts incurred against this agreement will be invoiced within 7 days following the event.

c) All invoices are due for payment within 14 days of the date of the invoice. After this time, interest rate will be calculated and applied on a daily basis and will not be greater than Barclays Bank interest rates. 

d) In certain circumstances, the venue may ask for a non-refundable deposit payment of £500.00 on return of an event confirmation contract, together with full payment prior to the event 

3. Cancellation / reduction in numbers: 

a) If the client wishes to cancel a booking the following charges will apply. The percentage charge applies to the total anticipated value of the event and for all pre booked items. 

Charges / notification period 
•    Cancellation more than 6 months prior to start date nil
•    63 days – 6 months prior to start date 25%
•    28 days – 62 days prior to start date 50%
•    15 – 27 days prior to start date 70%
•    8 – 14 days prior to start date 80% 
•    7 days or less prior to start date 100% 

b) The client shall confirm all cancellations in writing. Cancellation charges will be calculated from the day of receipt of this by the venue, and calculated on working days only. NB for the purpose of these conditions a working day shall mean Monday - Friday between the hours of 9.00am & 5.30pm only. Any cancellation outside of these hours will be deemed as next working day. (Bank Holidays are not applicable as a working day) 

c) Booking of certain function rooms carries with them a minimum numbers clause per day. The venue will notify you of such minimum numbers if they apply. By agreeing to the minimum numbers you are committing yourself financially to pay for this minimum at the specified rate. Generally should your numbers decrease by 25% or more, we reserve the right to move your booking to a room which we deem appropriate for your requirements, and you will still be held liable for the contracted costing / minimum numbers. 

d) In the event of a full cancellation every effort will be made to re-let the cancelled space. Where all the cancelled space is re-let charges will not be applied and where part of the cancelled space is re-let, charges will be reduced accordingly. 

4. Damage 

The client will be responsible for any damage to the rooms, furnishing, equipment or other areas they are using within the facility however caused. Permission should be sought from the venue in advance to fix items to the walls in any room. Any such damage incurred by neglect or default of the client or anyone acting on their behalf may result in a charge to remedy such damage at full cost. In certain circumstances a damage deposit of £500 will be requested by way of a damage bond.

5. Corkage 

No food or alcohol may be brought into the allocated rooms for consumption on the premises. All beverages must be purchased from the venue and random bag searches will be in operation for events with all alcohol confiscated and returned at the end of the event. A corkage rate for wines can be arranged in advance - £8.50 for 70cl of still wine, £10.00 for sparkling wine or £18.00 for champagne. 

6. General Liability

​The venue shall not be held responsible for temporary closure of all or part of the premises, or cancellation of a clients’ booking due to circumstances beyond its control.


Capacity of our rooms

  Theatre Cabaret Classroom Boardroom U-Shape Dinner
Scotswood Suite 380 180 160 100 100 240
Grainger Suite 180 96 70 60 60 120
Marlborough Suite 140 64 60 60 60 100
Blaydon/Gibbs (combined) 45 24 25 24 20 40
Blaydon Suite 20 0 9 16 0 12
Gibbs Suite 20 0 9 16 0 12
Ridley Suite 20 0 0 15 0 12
McClintock Suite 45 24 24 24 20 30
Darwin Suite 80 48 36 36 30 60
Jenner Suite 0 0 0 12 0 10
Mezzanine 0 0 0 0 0 150