Unique extras

For hands-on breakout sessions, special events or dedicated team building days, our experienced team can help you create something special.

As you would expect from a world-class science centre, we are experts at encouraging collaboration, critical thinking and having fun! 

Science Centre Delegate Deal

If you’re attending a conference or meeting at Life, you can visit the Science Centre that day for just £8.00. Terms and conditions apply, please call (0191) 243 8216 for more information and to book.

Break the ice - from £50

Can you balance two forks on the edge of a wine glass? How about stepping through a postcard? Let our experienced team break the ice with some fun, interactive scientific demonstrations and puzzles. Designed to get people working and talking together, this is the perfect activity for a coffee break, or as table-to-table evening entertainment. This activity is designed for small group interactions not as large-scale entertainment for a whole room.

Workshops - from £100

Encouraging creativity, teamwork and innovation, these longer 1-2 hour sessions are great for filling a gap in the day or providing a group-wide icebreaker. Some examples:

  • Chain Reaction. Groups build sections of a chain reaction machine (think of the old board game Mousetrap). The marvellous Wallace and Gromit style invention is then set off, running the length of the room, as each group’s section sets off the next. (Max group size 30).
  • Stored Energy Vehicles. Teams compete to see who can build the best vehicle powered by elastic bands, gravity, or springs. (Max group size 50).

Life can also offer DNA and Forensic Investigation workshops, ideal for team building. More details on request.

Live shows - from £100

These half hour shows, complete with amazing demonstrations and visuals are designed to provide something different for your conference entertainment. Shows currently available:
  • Fire show: Explore the explosive and hypnotic world of flame. Both dangerous and mesmerizingly beautiful, this is conference entertainment with a twist.

Get into Teaching event

"We attend many of these events and wished to let you know that this was one of the best organised venues we've been to this academic year. We look forward to returning next year."


Capacity of our rooms

  Theatre Cabaret Classroom Boardroom U-Shape Dinner
Scotswood Suite 380 180 160 100 100 240
Grainger Suite 180 96 70 60 60 120
Marlborough Suite 140 64 60 60 60 100
Blaydon/Gibbs (combined) 45 24 25 24 20 40
Blaydon Suite 20 0 9 16 0 12
Gibbs Suite 20 0 9 16 0 12
Ridley Suite 20 0 0 15 0 12
McClintock Suite 45 24 24 24 20 30
Darwin Suite 80 48 36 36 30 60
Jenner Suite 20 0 0 12 0 12
Mezzanine 0 0 0 0 0 150